Nearly every beverage brand faces some challenges when reaching out to consumers. For many, educating consumers can be essential to success, especially as craft trends continue to rise. Recently, Tequila Herradura took on the challenge and embarked on its Casa Herradura tour, which brought the Tequila Herradura hacienda to several cities across the country.

To produce its premium spirits, Casa Herradura harvests all of the blue agave grown at the hacienda by hand. At the event, the brand brought attendees through a field of agave, offered a virtual tour of the Tequila Herradura-making process and a live demonstration of agave harvesting.

Additionally, the brand’s master taster Ruben Aceves lead tastings in which he educated attendees on the characteristics that define all tequilas, and then used this to show the unique qualities of Tequila Herradura’s tequilas, noting the increased time for aging. This gave consumers without the basic knowledge the opportunity to gain a greater understanding not only of the brand, but the tequila segment as a whole, allowing them to truly grasp what makes the brand different.

Through the tour, attendees got an intimate, up close look at where the product comes from. The educational, but fun event, was able to connect consumers with the story of Tequila Herradura while highlighting how the premium spirit plays into various trends, such as locavore, made with natural ingredients and beverages with a story.

Recently, social media has been the focal point for building relationships with consumers, but many consumers, including millennials, still appreciate personal interactions, like these in-person events, that offer the opportunity for them to learn more with all of their senses.