McAle’s Brewing Co., a brand of United Brands Co., now offers McAle’s Hard Craft Sodas nationwide. Available in Hard Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Orange N’ Cream and Cola varieties, McAle’s Hard Craft Sodas are 6 percent alcohol by volume and come packaged in single-serve 24-ounce as well as 16-ounce cans, which are available in four-packs. Hard Orange N’ Cream uses natural orange citrus and real vanilla cream, while the Hard Root Beer is smooth-brewed using a cream soda base, spice bark and vanilla bean extract. McAle’s Hard Ginger Ale uses ginger spice and natural lemon-lime, and the Hard Cola uses natural kola nut to create a classic cola bitter-sweetness, the company says. A 24-ounce can retails between $2.49-$2.99.

United Brands Co., San Diego, Calif.
Distribution: National