Inspired by the spirit of Henry Weinhard, a brewer known in the Pacific Northwest for making beers and sodas for more than a century, MillerCoors released Henry’s Hard Sodas. Crafted for beer and non-beer drinkers alike with 4.2 percent alcohol by volume, the brews are available in Orange Soda and Ginger Ale varieties, the company says. Henry's Hard Ginger Ale features a balance of fresh ginger flavor and herbal notes, while Henry's Hard Orange Soda is a blend of natural Valencia orange flavor that provides just the right amount of sweetness and a pop of tangy citrus flavor, it adds. Made with real cane sugar, Henry's Hard Soda is available nationwide at most grocery and convenience stores in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and 16-ounce single cans.

Henry’s Hard Sodas
MillerCoors, Chicago
Distribution: National