Virginia Dare is a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based flavor and extract company originally founded in 1835. The company evolved into the Virginia Dare Extract Co. in 1923, with a focus on creating and supplying flavors for the food and beverage, health and wellness, nutritional product, sweet goods, dairy, and pharmaceutical and oral care industries.

Virginia Dare is well-known for its much sought after range of high-quality vanilla products. It has an established a sustainable vanilla initiative in Madagascar, which greatly benefits the farmers growing the company’s supply of the best vanilla beans.

Virginia Dare’s full range of offerings of tea flavors, concentrates and tea solids, is supported by the company’s vast knowledge and experience in beverage-application technology.

Virginia Dare was a pioneer in developing masking flavors for beverages and nutritional products fortified with vitamins and minerals; whey-, soy-, pea- and rice-proteins; and efficacious nutritional ingredients.

Virginia Dare’s marketing and business development staff tracks consumer insights and technical trends to determine the successful new consumer products of tomorrow. The company’s flavor creation department continually develops new flavors to add to the company’s extensive flavor library. These new flavors can fulfill consumers’ expectations for natural, organic, clean-label, free-from, transparent, traceable and sustainable products, but most important of all, they must taste great.

Virginia Dare is proud of its long heritage, respectful of the social and natural environment in which it operates, supportive of its employees and customers, and passionate about success. 

Virginia Dare, 882 Third Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11232; 718/788-1776;