For the first time since the brand’s inception more than 80 years ago, Stoli Vodka revealed a completely redesigned bottle and packaging for the full range of Stolichnaya Premium Vodka products. The redesigned bottle features new elements that contemporize the brand for the millennial audience, while remaining true to Stoli’s longstanding heritage as an iconic vodka pioneer, the company says. In November, Stoli began rolling out the new design for the Stoli portfolio worldwide, including the flagship Stoli Vodka in the United States. Full distribution is anticipated for early 2016. The new packaging features a sleek bottle profile with a taller, more elegant bottle shape and an embossed brand “Stoli” logo on the neck, it says. The new design improves both pouring and control for bartenders with the use of anti-slip embossing on the neck and base, the company says. A new craft label texture and bold upgrade was made to the main Stolichnaya logo and subtle nuance details throughout the design better stand out to customers at point of purchase, it adds. The Stoli flavored products now are color-coded on the neck to match the flavor for easier on-shelf product identification. A revised premium paper front and back label also was added to highlight Stoli’s heritage and quality credentials including its qualification as a Certified Alpha Grade spirit, the highest quality level a spirit can reach, the company says.