Icebox Water, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., announces the launch of its new initiative, Beyond the Bottle. The initiative is committed to educating all people on the importance of personal and planetary health, supported by Icebox Water’s pure, sustainably sourced drinking water and environmentally responsible packaging, the company says. By providing consistently updated information about the state of the environment and healthy, sustainable water sourcing, Icebox Water demonstrates the need for reducing plastic pollution while providing an ethical, delicious source of water, it adds.

Icebox Water’s 100 percent recyclable, pressed paper carton keeps its Canadian spring water fresh and crisp, fulfilling the demand for a body- and planet-friendly portable water option, the company explains. Icebox Water’s Beyond the Bottle campaign highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable resourcing and healthy lifestyles as reflected in its partnerships. As a 1% for the Planet member, Icebox Water commits to donating proceeds to support social and environmental programs worldwide. Through this organization, Icebox Water recently announced its newest partnership with nonprofit organization Charity Water, which brings clean and safe drinking water to underserved populations in 24 developing nations throughout the world.

“Icebox Water has always been committed to offering a healthy water solution to support active individuals with busy lifestyles that at times necessitate single-use water solutions,” said Andrew Reynolds, president of operations at Icebox Water, in a statement. “The Beyond the Bottle initiative aims to inform and engage with all audiences, demonstrating a need and ability to make purchasing decisions which are both responsible and appeal to the whole family.”

Icebox Water, along with its brand ambassador team, is increasing its presence at consumer events, supporting aligned industries and further demonstrating Icebox Water as a resource for information as well as a source of healthy hydration. Reynolds and his team continue to provide outreach and education through Icebox Water’s GreenUp Hollywood program, helping celebrities and production studios to reduce plastic pollution, according to the company.

Beyond the Bottle highlights Icebox Water’s passion for providing clean, high quality, premium drinking water for people and a responsible package for the planet, it says.