Beverage entrepreneur, creator of Fuze and Nos Energy Drink, and co-creator of BodyArmor SuperDrink Lance Collins has joined forces with producer and songwriter Lukasz Gottwald, also known as Dr. Luke, to launch Core Natural Water. The water is ultra-purified and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to achieve a pH of 7.4.

Core Natural Water is ultra-purified using a seven-stage proprietary process including ultraviolet light, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation that remove harmful impurities and contaminants, the company says. It then is balanced with a blend of electrolytes and minerals that complement the levels that naturally occur in the human body, resulting in a clean and crisp-tasting water, it adds.

“To satisfy the growing consumer demand for healthy beverages with benefits, we developed Core Natural Water to provide the ‘Perfect pH’ of 7.4,” Collins said in a statement. “The optimal pH range for our bodies is between 7.35 and 7.45. Only when our body's pH level is within this range can we effectively absorb the vitamins and minerals we need to survive. Since water accounts for up to 75 percent of the body, it’s easy to see why the water we drink greatly impacts the pH of the body.”

Collins and Dr. Luke partnered with Flood Creative agency to design an ergonomic package for the new product. The trademarked, proprietary PET bottle features a contoured shape, wide-mouth closure and translucent over-cap and is available in 20- and 30-ounce sizes.

“I am thrilled to be launching Core Natural Water at a time when consumers are seeking better ways to hydrate and enhance their active lifestyles,” Dr. Luke said in a statement. “I look forward to combining my passion for healthy living and music together through this exciting endeavor. By connecting the most talented and relevant artists in the world to the Core Natural brand, we can help health conscious consumers discover a better way to hydrate through Core’s ‘Perfect pH’ water.”

Core already has signed on Katy Perry, Diplo, Becky G and producer Max Martin as music brand ambassadors and investors.

“This is an exciting time for Core Natural Water as we develop strategic distribution partnerships, expand into upscale markets, and connect with influencers who are seeking the next generation of premium water,” Collins said in a statement.

Following its launch in California through Los Angeles-based Haralambox Beverage Co. and San Diego-based John Lenore & Co. about six months ago, the product has since received authorizations from Albertsons, Bristol Farms, Fresh & Easy, Gelson’s, Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market as well as Kroger and Safeway. In addition, it has received several convenience store authorizations, including from 7-Eleven, which has authorized 1,700 stores in California, Circle K, QuikTrip and Valero.

Following its performance in California, the product has expanded throughout the West into Washington and Oregon through Columbia Distributing Co.; into Arizona; New Mexico; and El Paso, Texas, through Kalil Bottling Co.; into Utah through General Distributing Co.; into Nevada through Nevada Beverage Co., and into Colorado through New Age Beverage.

The brand also has finalized several distribution agreements in the Northeast, including with Big Geyser Inc., Maspeth, N.Y., to serve the five New York boroughs; Polar Beverages, Worcester, Mass., for the New England region; and The Honickman Organization, Pennsauken, N.J., for the mid-Atlantic region, including Virginia; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania; and southern New Jersey.

The company also anticipated broadening and deepening its distribution across the United States in the near future.