Yes, I am the rookie here at Beverage Industry, but I have no connection with the 1990 or the 2002 movies of the same name. As we analysts like to classify things, I guess I would be classified as a member of the baby boomers. However, I am the rookie because I recently joined the editorial team here. The two ladies I work with are real Energizer Bunnies and seem to have an abundance of unending energy. They also have something that I seem to sorely lack: a real knowledge of the beverage industry, but I expect that will change.

I also believe that it is entirely possible to teach an old dog new tricks, and I look forward to learning about this industry. My background is in the sciences, particularly environmental science, and I anticipate that my background in mathematics will be quite helpful.

One thing that has stood out to me so far is the huge variety of beverages that are available to the average consumer and all of the things that drinks can accomplish. Also, everyone that I have spoken with or traded emails with has been very enthusiastic and energetic.

 I look forward to serving the beverage market. I am responsible for gathering information on new products as well, so do not hesitate to send me such information at So send along your exciting new beverages complete with contact information, ingredient statements, distribution information and print-quality images so that I can help share the news about your new products with our readers. And don’t forget to check out our New Product of the Month poll, which is filled with these new beverages. The poll typically goes live around the 5th of the month and offers a great chance to voice your opinion.