Tough Mudder Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., is launching a multi-territory partnership with  Britvic PLC, Hemel Hempstead, U.K., to jointly develop a custom event aimed at children aged 7-12. The pioneering Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder obstacle courses will inspire the next generation to explore their adventurous sides and have fun together while experiencing the power of teamwork, the companies say.

As part of a three-year international partnership, Fruit Shoot will host 2015 Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder events alongside  existing Tough Mudder and Mudderella events across the United States, U.K. and Ireland, with expansion to additional regions and event formats planned for 2016 and 2017. Each course will run about a mile long, consisting of four laps around a loop featuring exhilarating new obstacles designed  for children. The following are some of those obstacles:

  • Tunnel of Terror: Kids slide up and through the darkened tunnels. Participants are encourage to grab friends and climb under, over and through to the other side with their team!
  • Gooey Shoes: Children will walk across a slimy slippery surface without slipping, sinking or sticking to the ground.
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: Participants can sharpen their spy skills and get to try and slip through the cracks of the “laser” maze.
  • Mount Mud: The grand finale obstacle allows kids to maneuver a muddy course featuring a Fruit Shoot slide into the mud.

As with Tough Mudder and Mudderella events, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder courses will be untimed, encouraging children to focus instead on trying new things, building friendships and working as a team, the company says. Although past Tough Mudder and Mudderella events have included a few obstacles for children, Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder will reinvent the entire experience, it says.

 For more information on the event series, visit www.toughmudder.comor www.mudderella.comand