As the exclusive beer sponsor for Super Bowl XLIX, St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch announced the results of a recent survey conducted on its behalf by Harris Interactive, Rochester, N.Y., that show deeper insights about consumers' Super Bowl XLIX plans and drinking decisions. According to the survey results, 73 percent of Americans of legal drinking age plan to watch Super Bowl XLIX, and, of those who plan to drink at Super Bowl parties, 71 percent will make plans to get home safe in advance.

"Super Bowl Sunday is a national celebration, and Anheuser-Busch products will be consumed by millions of adults across the country," said Kathy Casso, vice president of corporate social responsibility at Anheuser-Busch, in a statement. "That's why our priority has always been to remind fans to make a plan to make it home and drink responsibly."

According to the survey, 71 percent of those who will drink alcohol beverages at Super Bowl Sunday parties will make post-game plans to get home safely before leaving their home.

With these practices in place, the number of drunk-driving fatalities during Super Bowl Sunday has declined by 26 percent since 1982, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, D.C.

"Drunk driving is 100 percent preventable when you make a plan to make it home safely, and we all have our part to play," Casso said. "The decline in drunk-driving fatalities on this particular weekend is encouraging, but there is still more we can do."

Location is another important factor for Super Bowl watching, the survey found. According to the results, 53 percent plan to watch the game at home, 18 percent will watch the action at a friend or family member's home, and 5 percent will watch at a restaurant, bar or public place.

Among those who plan to watch at home; at a restaurant, bar, public place; or somewhere else, 18 percent plan to host a Super Bowl party this year. Survey results also point to ways in which hosts will help guests safely travel home afterward. Sixty-one percent of Super Bowl hosts will invite guests who drink to stay overnight, while 44 percent will drive partygoers home, and 43 percent will call a cab/car service for their guests, the results show.

"Hosts are stepping up and playing a role in making sure their guests get home safely, which is a vital part of helping keep our roads safe," Casso said.

The survey also revealed that 77 percent of those planning to drink alcohol beverages at Super Bowl parties don't plan to drink more during the Super Bowl than they would at any other social gathering.

"The survey tells us that the majority of fans don't feel a need to over-indulge to have fun when celebrating the Super Bowl," Casso said. "Overall, the results are very encouraging, and we hope the responsible behaviors exhibited by most adults serve as positive inspiration for all consumers of alcohol."

During the past three decades, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers have committed more than $1 billion in national advertising campaigns and community-based programs to encourage responsible drinking and prevent underage drinking and drunk driving. Anheuser-Busch and its brands offer solutions and rewards for adults looking for a safe ride home or who choose to be or use a designated driver through consumer-centric programs like the Bud Light taxi app and the Budweiser and Bud Light Good Sport programs. In Phoenix this weekend, Bud Light is partnering with Uber to provide complimentary safe rides in and around the city. The Bud Light Blue Line, powered by Uber, will include two double-decker buses available to adults of legal drinking age and will stop at select hotels and entertainment spots Friday through Sunday.

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