Going gluten free

In an effort to meet the needs of consumers wanting gluten-free alcohol beverages, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. worked with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to create and secure an exclusive “Crafted to Remove Gluten” seal for its flavored malt beverages. The seal was created to educate and inform consumers about Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s dedication to quality and natural ingredients and its proprietary filtration process, the company says. This filtration process, which creates the product’s neutral malt base, also removes gluten. All Mike’s products are tested and approved by an independent agency to confirm that gluten has been removed to less than 5 parts per million, as measured by the R5 Competitive Elisa test, which is recognized as the industry standard for gluten testing, the company says. The “Crafted to Remove Gluten” seal is the first of its kind for a fermented malt beverage made from a gluten-containing grain and follows a ruling by the TTB that enables manufacturers to highlight products that are crafted to remove gluten, as long as a disclaimer is provided stating that the products may contain trace amounts, it adds.


Brewing a cure

Salada Tea has partnered with the American Cancer Society to help the fight against cancer. As part of the partnership, Salada Tea donated $25,000 to the organization and is promoting awareness of its cancer research, education and prevention mission with special-edition packaging and inserts in all Salada Tea products. The special-edition boxes, which include information about the American Cancer Society, how to become involved, and how to donate, are available at select retailers nationwide and online. Consumers also could help “brew hope” and encourage cancer research, education and prevention by visiting Salada’s Facebook page and clicking through the “Encourage Prevention. Brew Hope.” app. Salada promised to donate $1 for each consumer who made a pledge through the app from Oct. 27 through Nov. 4, but ended the campaign Oct. 28 because consumers had helped the brand reach its $10,000 goal by the second day. The brand also gave away 10,000 samples of Salada Green Tea to the pledgers.


Fill your own

As part of its mission to rid the world of sugar over-consumption and reduce the global amount of adult-onset diabetes and childhood obesity, Fred Water started selling its pocket-friendly water flasks empty. This allows consumers to fill and refill the bottle from free water sources and continue drinking water while on the go, the company says. In addition, reuse of the bottles reduces the number of plastic bottles used, offering an additional environmental benefit, it says. “We get a lot of questions about our business model with this mission of promoting water, refilling and now Empties,” said Adam Gayner, chief executive officer and co-founder of Fred Water, in a statement. “The model for Fred Water has been and always will be to do right by the consumer, exceed their needs and desires, and the business will sustainably grow and succeed. We innovate around consumer desires and know that we’re creating affinity and tremendous brand value with Fred.” Both full bottles of Fred Water as well as empty flasks in 13.5- and 20-ounce sizes can be purchased on the brand’s website.


Capturing the serenity

In celebration of its 36th anniversary, the Kenwood Vineyards Artist Series released its 2010 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon featuring a limited-edition label created by artist Keith Wicks. Entitled “Sonoma Serenity,” the exclusive new label artwork harnesses the purity and energy of light, even as it dances in shadow. Working primarily in oils, Wicks aimed to capture the essence of a moment with a clarity and intensity rarely seen in impressionistic works, according to the brand. The design also represents the growing region of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes used to make the wine, it says. The majority of the blend was produced from Kenwood Vineyards’ Sonoma Valley Estate, with additional Cabernet coming from the Northern Alexander Valley and a small amount of Merlot added from the Dry Creek Valley. Approximately 1,500 750-ml bottle cases of the 2010 Kenwood Vineyards Artist Series Cabernet Sauvignon have been produced and are available at select retailers across the United States with a suggested retail price of $75. The wine also is available online at kenwoodvineyards.com or through the Kenwood Vineyards wine shop.


Newly single

Red Rose Tea is brewing up three of its best-selling black tea blends in a new single-serve-cup format. Red Rose Original, Red Rose Naturally Decaffeinated and Red Rose English Breakfast now are available in single-serve cups for consumers who have shifted to brewing tea in single-serve machines, the company says. Like the teas in the bagged format, the single-cup teas are 100 percent natural and do not contain calories, gluten or sugars, the company says. Red Rose Tea single-cup teas are available at select retailers nationwide as well as online for approximately $6.99 for a 12-count box.