Jamba Juice Co., Emeryville, Calif., reinforced its commitment to whole food blending and juicing with three new or enhanced smoothie menu items.

The company released Kale Orange Power, a new smoothie made with fresh orange juice, chopped whole-leaf kale and bananas, as the fourth member of its Fresh Juice Blend lineup. In addition, the company added the health benefits of 1 cup of chopped whole-leaf kale to its Apple ‘n Greens Fruit & Veggie Smoothie. Apple ‘n Greens and all other Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies also offer three full servings of fruits and vegetables, the company says.

"Jamba Juice is committed to supporting healthy living every day, and we keep that commitment top of mind with each new smoothie or juice that we introduce to our menu,” said Julie S. Washington, senior vice president and chief brand officer of Jamba Juice, in a statement. “That's why we are happy to share our new Fresh Juice Blend, Kale Orange Power, made with real whole food ingredients. It's never been easier to load up on the fruits and vegetables we all know we need but often don't have time to enjoy."

In addition, consumers now can order the new Kale Whole Food Boost, which adds the health benefits of kale to any smoothie.

"Menu items like the new Kale Whole Food Boost and Kale Orange Power Juice Blend make it easier than ever for consumers to add the amazing benefits of kale into their diets," said Tara Gidus, registered dietician and Jamba Juice Healthy Living Council member, in a statement. "Packed with antioxidants and other essential vitamins, this nutritional powerhouse helps support a healthy body, and Jamba Juice provides a variety of delicious and convenient ways to enjoy this supper veggie in your favorite smoothie or juice."

From March 11 to March 16, Jamba Juice will be offering a $2 promotion, with coupon, for consumers to try the Fruit & Veggie Smoothies and Fresh Juice Blends at participating Jamba Juice stores nationwide. For more information on nutrition and product offerings, please visit www.jambajuice.com.