Fashionable water

Evian Natural Spring Water, a brand of Danone, released its latest collaboration with designer Elie Saab. This year’s limited-edition bottle features Saab’s signature lace pattern that recalls the feminine and elegant designs showcased in her collections, the company says.


Holiday Heineken

Heineken USA launched its “Celebrate Together” holiday program at retailers earlier this month. At the center of the program, four limited-edition bottles celebrate Heineken milestones through designs that represent the brand’s beginnings, its global presence, and its ongoing commitment to innovation. Each holiday-themed 12-pack of limited-edition bottles also features an in-pack code that gives consumers the chance to instantly win a $50 holiday reward gift card.


Packing a punch

Xyience Xenergy, the official drink of the UFC, launched a limited-edition collector can featuring UFC women’s bantamweight champion and Xyience team athlete Ronda Rousey. Her image will appear on the packaging of Xenergy Cherry Lime, which will be available at retailers nationwide through Dec. 31. The timing of the launch leads up to Rousey’s second UFC fight, which will be Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.


Bigger bottles

In order to meet growing demand for its Watt-Ahh brand, AquaNew LLC added a 1-liter size to its bottled water lineup. The new 1-liter bottles also are more efficient and economical to ship by pallet loads from Florida to out-of-state Watt-Ahh customers, the company says.


Slimming can

Nutrié launched its Fuel premium protein shake in 12-ounce Rexam Sleek cans. Nutrié chose the Rexam Sleek can because of its unique shape as well as its portability, durability and graphic capabilities, it says. The company also benefits from the packaging material’s recyclability, it adds.


Retro lager

Narragansett Beer reintroduced its 1975 can, made famous in the “Jaws” movie during the scene in which Captain Sam Quint, played by Robert Shaw, crushes a can of Narragansett Lager to intimidate Richard Dreyfuss’ character, Hooper. For a limited time, the retro design appeared on 12-, 18- and 30-packs of Narragansett Lager throughout New England.


Premium appeal

Pernod Ricard USA released a new look for its Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky. New design elements include a chevron-shaped label that recalls the wings of the historic Finest label; a more prominent positioning of the brand’s crest; a simplification of the Ballantine’s seal, which amplifies the Ballantine’s “B”; and the transition of the word “Finest” to a more premium gold coloring. The shoulders of the bottle also have been made more angular, resulting in a sharper, prouder look, the company says. As a result, the bottle enhances the brand’s most familiar elements while achieving
a more contemporary look, it adds.


Wine line redesign

 Union Wine Co. unveiled new packaging for its line of wines to appeal to a younger audience, it says. For instance, the adoption of the Oregon heart icon with a wine bottle, found in the logo and on the screw top, enables the brand to showcase Oregon character in a casual yet design-sophisticated way, the company says. Overall, the new packaging was designed to represent Union Wine Co. as an approachable lifestyle brand that embraces Oregon’s unique spirit and passion for craftsmanship, it adds.