Quintessential Wines announced new packing for its Vino dei Fratelli brand, which was created by the father-and-sons leadership team of Steve Kreps Sr., Dennis Kreps, and Steve Kreps Jr. Vino dei Fratelli, which translates to “Wine of the Brothers,” features a new label that was inspired by the image on an ancient Roman coin of the famous brothers Castor and Pollux who, together, symbolize the ideal of brotherly love, the company says. The new packaging features a dramatic battle scene from an 1879 engraving by John Reinhard Weguelin. It depicts a Roman legend in which Castor and Pollux are transformed into two young knights who battled so bravely together that they spurred on the army of the Kingdom of Rome to a legendary victory at the Battle of Lake Regillus in the early 5th Century B.C., the company says. “The new Vino dei Fratelli labels make a strong statement about the bonds between brothers and the power of family,” said Dennis Kreps, in a statement. “Each of the wines under this brand has been made in proud partnership with a family owned Italian winery that represents the top quality of their respective region.”