I think most people can agree that being told to relax or calm down during a heated conversation can be a bit enraging. However, it’s advice that many Americans should try to take more often.

According to a survey of 1,200 U.S. consumers conducted by Neuro, almost 50 percent of Americans spend at least half of their daily lives stressed out. Though controlling stress isn’t always easy, nearly every survey respondent agreed that it’s at least somewhat important to be in control of stress. Respondents noted that a night out, personal time or a vacation helps them relieve stress, but beverage-makers are coming up with other solutions.

Part of the company’s seven-SKU lineup, Neuro Bliss contains chamomile and a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including L-theanine, to produce a calming effect and promote a positive outlook by reducing stress levels, improving memory and attention, and supporting the brain, the company says. It also kicked off a summer campaign through Sept. 9 called “Bliss and Tell” in which consumers can submit photos of their most blissful moments for a chance to win $10,000 for a dream vacation.

Other brands such as Koma Unwind, Just Chill and Calm-fidence, among others, also are helping consumers relax via their functional formulations.

 Despite the sub-category’s slow and steady start, Chris Schmidt, industry analyst in consumer health with Euromonitor International, notes that the number of calming and relaxation shots launching in the market now is increasing. Therefore, the next time someone’s told to take it easy, he or she might already be prepared with a beverage solution to do just that.