When it comes to consumer packaged goods, thinking big with a positive attitude could be the key to innovation. At the same time, it’s also necessary to recognize a business’ shortcomings in order to overcome them. In the case of Kraft Foods Group Inc., acknowledging that the company was lacking in innovation was its first step toward success, according to the June 2013 “Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report.” The following steps included taking a can-do approach to product creation, thinking big, and investing long-term in innovation, the report stated. One of the end results of this strategy was the company’s Mio liquid water enhancer.

Mio was among 14 brands that launched in 2011 that were named Nielsen’s Breakthrough Innovation winners. These brands were required to satisfy three requirements: deliver a new value proposition to the market, generate a minimum of $50 million in year-one U.S. sales, and achieve at least 90 percent of year-one sales in the second year, the report explained. By setting its sights on fewer, bigger launches with more support, Kraft was able to hone in on the generational customization trend and created an entirely new brand and category within the beverage industry, the report added. Mio generated cumulative first- and second-year sales of $268 million, it stated.

Monster Energy Co.’s Monster Rehab energy drink and TalkingRain Beverage Co.’s Sparkling Ice brand also earned Breakthrough Innovation accolades.

 In the vast beverage market, opportunities for innovation are always present. Where does the opportunity lie for your business?