Because fitting 5 liters of any type of beverage into a refrigerator isn’t always easy, Leahy-IFP introduced Space Saver juices, teas and lemonades. Available in sixSpace Saver Peach Tea varieties, the beverages are packaged in 5-liter bag-in-box containers that were specially designed to fit in any refrigerator while taking up minimal space, the company says. Space Saver also features a no-drip spout system similar to those found in boxed wine packaging, it adds. “Based on increased consumer acceptance of the bag-in-box format and the increased demand for non-carbonated beverages to fit into tighter shelf spaces, we set out to design a large volume package that was similar to the already popular fridge pack for canned soda and beer,” said Joe Arends, marketing manager for Leahy-IFP, in a statement. “What we ended up with is a great portable format that is environmentally friendly and simple enough for a child to use.”