Spindrift WaterSpindrift Beverage Co. launched Spindrift Water, a line of sparkling waters made with fresh-squeezed fruit or puree. The drinks are sweetened with cane juice and do not include any syrups, juice concentrates, additives or preservatives. Spindrift Water is available in zero-calorie Lemon as well as 10-calorie Raspberry Lime and Tangerine varieties. A 12-ounce bottle retails between $1.99 and $2.25.

Spindrift Beverage Co., Charlestown, Mass.
Telephone: 617/391-0356
Internet: www.spindriftfresh.com
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Sparkling Tangerine: Sparkling water, fresh tangerine juice, fresh lemon juice, natural flavor and fruit juice for color.