Created in conjunction with a sports dietician, Golazo Inc.’s Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration is a Latin-inspired line of sports drinks. The line contains 50 percent less sodium than other leading sports drink brands, natural potassium from coconut water to promote muscle contraction and water absorption, blended carbohydrates for quick energy absorption, and no artificial flavors or genetically modified ingredients. The line comes in four flavors: Jamaica (Hibiscus Punch), Mandarina (Mandarin), Mango-Limón (Mango Lime) and Limonada (Lemon-Lime). A 20-ounce bottle retails for approximately $2.39.

Golazo Inc., Seattle
Telephone: 206/682-4625
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: Limonada: Water, fructose, glucose, coconut water concentrate, agave syrup, citric acid, salt, gum arabic, natural flavor and ester gum.