Creators Briefs

Calcium for beverages
Tasoma LLC has introduced Calcium-CPG, a calcium citro-phospho-aminoacetic acid complex that is formulated to use in aqueous beverages and juices. The ingredient supplies high concentrations of the essential bone minerals calcium and phosphorus in a completely dissolved and readily absorbable form. The ingredient can be used with little or no change to color, taste and other product characteristics, and also can be added to powdered drink mixes. Calcium CPG is designed to supply up to 200 mg. of calcium and 140 mg. of phosphorus in an 8-ounce serving.
— Tasoma LLC, P.O. Box 287, Rocky Hill, N.J. 08553; 609/468-1155.
Fair Trade vanilla
Danisco offers a full line of Fair Trade certified vanilla products in conjunction with TransFair USA. “This is a big step forward in sustainable product and agriculture for companies that wish to maintain a socially responsible outlook,” says Dan Berlin, global business manager, vanilla at Danisco. The company says it is able to offer Fair Trade vanilla in both conventional and organic varieties.
— Danisco USA Inc., 4 New Century Parkway, New Century, Kan. 66031; 913/764-8100;
Microbial control agent
Lanxess Corp. introduced its Velcorin (dimethyl dicarbonate), a microbial control agent for non-alcohol beverages and wine to help eliminate typical beverage-spoiling germs without affecting the taste, odor or color of the beverages. Velcorin is compatible with all types of packaging and has been approved for use in the United States, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, China, Indonesia and some South American countries.
— Lanxess Corp., 111 RIDC Park West Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15275; 412/809-3784;
Antioxidant-rich energy
VDF FutureCeuticals, Momence, Ill., added CoffeeBerry Energy to its popular line of antioxidant-rich products. The new offering combines the antioxidant-rich tropical nutrition of CoffeeBerry products with the added benefits of caffeine. Available in various levels of caffeine, the product can be used in ready-to-drink or ready-to-mix beverages.
— VDF FutureCeuticals, 819 North Dixie Highway, Momence, Ill. 60954; 888/452-6853;
Blackberry, white tea flavors
Robertet Flavors introduced new blackberry and white tea flavors to its lineup. The Blackberry flavor is available in four options including regular, Marionberry, Wild, and for high-impact blackberry flavor, Xtreme Blackberry flavor. Robertet also released a new white tea flavor with a mild, slightly sweet flavor. The white tea flavor pairs well with a variety of fruit flavors. Both are ready for applications in beverages in natural, water-soluble liquid form.
— Robertet Flavors, 10 Colonial Drive, Piscataway, N.J. 08854; 732/981-8300;
Enhanced taste experience
Wild Flavors released SavorCrave to enhance taste experiences. SavorCrave enhances umami, or mouthfeel, in many products including lower fat, sodium and calorie beverages. Increased umami can lead to intensified flavor perception, added mouthwatering appeal and improved consumer acceptance.
— Wild Flavors, 1261 Pacific Ave., Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/342-3600;
Bioavailable iron
Global Calcium made available Tasty Iron, a bioavailable iron, to the United States market. Tasty Iron is a proprietary blend of GRAS-approved ingredients that have been temperature dried to create a water- soluble iron compound. The product is available through Global Calcium’s U.S. agent American International Chemical Inc.
— American International Chemical Inc., 135 Newbury St., Framingham, Mass. 01701; 800/238-0001;
New sweeteners, fortifiers
Cargill showcased its new sweeteners and fortifiers at Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, Calif. The company featured organically sweetened mandarin-flavored water using erythritol, a natural, no-calorie sweetener that provides bulk, texture and high cooling effect. Cargill’s trehalose, a naturally occurring sugar from mushrooms and honey, was featured in an energy sport punch. Studies have shown that trehalose elicits lower insulin response than glucose when provided during physical activities. Also offered was a smoothie incorporating CoroWise plant sterols, which are proven to reduce LDL cholesterol. For adding flavor to beverages, the company offered Oliggo-Fiber Inulin sticks in a raspberry variety. The inulin, derived from chicory roots, may help preteens and post-menopausal women absorb calcium.
— Cargill Inc., P.O. Box 9300, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440; 800/227-4455;
Organic ingredient lineup
Kerry Ingredients expanded its line of organic offerings for the flavors, dairy, proteins and sweet ingredients applications. After entering the marketplace in 2000, Kerry continues its dedication with its Mastertaste division’s development of organic and SuperNatural organic-compatible flavors as well as freeze-dried powders, essential oils and oleoresins. Currently, the company has a team of organic specialists and 18 facilities producing a broad line of value-added organic ingredients.
— Kerry Food and Beverage, 20925 Watertown Road, Waukesha, Wis. 53186; 800/810-3752;
Enhanced smoothie
Kerry Ingredients featured innovative natural and organic food ingredients at Natural Products Expo West, Mar. 8-11 in Anaheim, Calif. Among other innovations, the company offered a mangosteen high fiber smoothie with all-natural soy protein and GOS-enriched whey powder. The smoothie supplies prebiotic soluble fiber. Kerry also announced it has developed a proprietary encapsulation process to use free sterols as an ingredient without compromising the finished product. Its process now enables the use of phytosterols in beverages and other products, which have cholesterol lowering benefits.
— Kerry Food and Beverage, 20925 Watertown Road, Waukesha, Wis. 53186; 800/810-3752;