Creators Briefs

Tea flavors
Robertet Flavors Inc. has two new varietal tea flavors — Honeybush and Rooibos. The tea flavors blend well with other tea profiles and fruit flavors. They are natural, water-soluble and are versatile in a variety of applications. Both Honeybush and Rooibos are herbal teas native to South Africa. Honeybush has a smooth, honey-apricot character. Its smoothness is attributed to the fact that it is naturally caffeine-free and contains no tannin. Rooibos, also called red tea, mimics the flavor profile of black tea except that it is less bitter. It has a clean and aromatic flavor and, when brewed, is amber in color. It too, is caffeine-free. — The Robertet Group, 10 Colonial Drive, Piscataway, N.J. 08854; 732/981-8300
Crazy Scoops
Danisco USA’s Crazy Scoops is a line of unique fruit-based flavors for milk, designed specifically for kids. Crazy Scoops contain no caffeine, hydrocolloids or added fat, making them a clean, healthy way to encourage children to get the calcium they require without adding extra sugar to their diet. Crazy Scoops have fewer calories and less sugar than popular ready-to-drink flavored milks. The kid-friendly flavors go well with 2%, 1%, skim and soymilk. The bright colors and intense flavors make Crazy Scoops a fun, tasty, healthy way to help kids get their recommended daily calcium. Banana, grape, berry blend and tropical flavors can be mixed and matched in endless combinations. Crazy Scoops maintain a uniform flavor and color, without powder clumping. — Danisco USA Inc., 201 New Century Parkway, New Century, Kan. 66031-1113; 800/255-6837
Gums for dairy
TIC Gums has developed an innovative, targeted gum system to help thicken dairy beverages and prevent formulation problems. TIC Pretested Dairyblend 366-THK powder serves as a stabilizer in ready-to-drink milkshakes, direct-draw milkshakes, flavored milk products, eggnog drinks and various low-carb, dairy-based beverages. It’s a multi-functional, versatile gum system that provides proper viscosity based on usage level and features the right balance of gums to prevent separation during distribution and storage. The gum system can be used for ultra-high temperature or high temperature short time thermal processing and does not mask flavors because of its concentrated formulations. — TIC Gums, 4609 Richlynn Dr., Belcamp, Md. 21017-0369; 800/899-3953
Vitamin E ingredients
Eastman Chemical Co. is introducing two vitamin E ingredients to the food and beverage industry at the IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas. Eastman Vitamin E TPGS is a naturally derived, water-soluble vitamin E suitable for clear beverages such as vitamin waters, clear soft drinks and other isotonic beverages. NuTriene tocotrienols, derived from rice bran oil, are ideal for nutritional supplements. NuTriene is a complete vitamin E, combining a high concentration of tocotrienols with tocopherols. It provides one of the most powerful antioxidants currently available. — Eastman Chemical Co., 200 S. Wilcox Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 37662; 423/229-6636
Whey protein
Glanbia Nutritionals’ TRI-Fx Bioactive Whey Fraction is a proprietary whey protein ingredient that optimizes sports performance through three main actions: enhancing muscle development, providing sustained energy and speeding recovery time. Potential applications include powdered beverage mixes and sports nutrition bars. TRI-Fx delivers lasting energy — more than the currently available whey protein isolates or concentrates. It contains high levels of bioactive compounds and is rich in branch chain amino acids. The bioactive components in TRI-Fx help support the immune system and boost the body’s antioxidant status. — Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., 523 6th St., Monroe, Wis. 53566; 608/329-2800
For better joint health
Cargill Health & Food Technologies is showcasing a functional beverage prototype at the IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas. The beverage prototype was designed to appeal to mainstream, health-conscious consumers who are concerned about joint health. The JointWise joint health beverage was made with OptaFlex natural chondroitin. Cargill’s OptaFlex natural chondroitin was self-affirmed GRAS through an independent panel of scientists and is manufactured using a unique, water-based process that enables great tasting, joint-healthy consumer products. — Cargill Health & Food Technologies, P.O. Box 9300 MS 110; Minneapolis, Minn. 55440