Creators Briefs

Water-soluble vitamin E
Neutral tasting, water-soluble Vitamin E TPGS is suited for clear, fortified waters and other functional beverages. It can be formulated into beverages at up to 10 times the adult recommended daily allow-ance for vitamin E. Naturally sourced Vitamin E TPGS in concentrations up to 1,500 parts per million delivers beverage stability and has no effect on beverage clarity or taste. It is self-affirmed GRAS, and is emulsifier-, solvent- and alcohol-free. Developed for clear isotonic beverages, Vitamin E TPGS is suitable for use in a wide range of beverages including juices, dairy- and soy-based drinks. It is compatible with an array of beverage ingredients and nutrient additives such as vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fiber and protein.
Vitamin E TPGS is shelf stable both in its pure form and after beverage blending. It can be added to beverage formulations at any of several steps in the manufacturing process. After use, equipment can be easily cleaned by rinsing with warm water. – Eastman  Chemical Co., 200 S. Wilcox Dr., Kingsport, Tenn. 37662; 423/229-6636
Stabilization agent
Kelcogel PS is a proprietary blend of polymers – based on gellan gum – that was specially designed to provide suspension and stabilization of pulp, minerals and beverage clouds in ready-to-drink fruit juices. Fruit juices made with Kelcogel PS exhibit a more pseudoplastic rheology, which translates into excellent suspension properties without adversely impacting mouthfeel. It is acid stable, with low protein reactivity, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of juices. Easy to disperse and hydrate, Kelcogel PS can be used in most juice processing plants without having to add special mixing equipment. – CPKelco, 123 N. Wacker Dr., Ste. 2000, Chicago, Ill. 60606; 312/554-7800.
Non-GMO caramel color
SSC300 Liquid Caramel Color, a new Class I Caramel Color, is GMO-free and soluble in high-salt solutions. Manufactured without the use of reactants such as ammonia or sulfites, SSC300 features a very mild flavor profile, and delivers end colors ranging from rich yellows to more reddish golden hues.
Since they are made without reactants, Class I Caramels are considered the most “natural” of caramel colors. Precise control of processing and raw material ensures that SSC300 meets European Union non-GMO requirements. The product also delivers a higher strength (tinctorial power) than traditional Class I Caramels. This liquid Caramel Color is appropriate for a wide variety of food and beverage applications. – Sethness Caramel Color, 3422 W. Touhy Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60645; 888/772-1880
Mango flavor
Mango Treattarome 9830 is the latest addition to the tropical Treattarome range of flavors. The 100 percent natural FTNF (From The Named Food) product is wholly distilled from fresh, tree-ripened mangoes, and enables the creation of long-lasting, creamy, sweet mango flavors. Mango Treattarome 9830 is made with a single variety of mango that has a powerful and complex taste. Using a single variety of mango gives a consistent flavor profile.  The distillate contains high levels of fruity esters and lactones, plus spicy terpenes, underplayed with several sugary, caramel-like furanones. Mango Treattarome 9830  is effective either as a top note to enhance an existing flavor or to provide the main body of the flavor. – Treatt USA Inc., 4900 Lakeland Commerce Parkway, Lakeland, Fla. 33805; 863/668-9500
Organic ginger juice
This single-strength certified organic ginger juice is made from fresh ginger rhizomes that are pressed and pasteurized using a patented processing method. Ginger juice is used in ready-to-drink tea, chai, fruit juices, sodas and more. It’s available in drums, pails and foodservice package sizes for food and beverage manufacturers and foodservice operators. – Royal Pacific Foods, 2700 Garden Rd., Suite G, Monterey, Calif. 93940; 800/551-5284
Make clearer beer
Divergan HM Polymer and Divergan PVPP Stabilizer help brewers make beer clearer and better tasting. Divergan PVPP Stabilizer helps make beer clearer and provides exceptional stability for longer shelf life and consumer appeal. Divergan HM Polymer is an excellent adsorber of metal ions, removing substances that cause turbidity or bitterness. – BASF 3000 Continental Drive, Mount Olive, N.J. 07828; 973/426-2168
Nutritional ingredients
O.C. Logo is an international source for high-quality nutritional and functional ingredients for foods, beverages and supplements. Best known for its extensive line of gelatin products, including Kosher fish gelatin, the company also supplies hydrolyzed gelatin, vitamins, carotenoids, minerals, bioflavonoids and nutraceuticals. Gums, thickeners, stabilizers and acidulants are also part of the company’s portfolio. – O.C. Logo Co. Inc., 321 N. Main St., New City, N.Y. 10956; 845/708-7080
Guar gum, organically
TIC Pretested TICorganic Guar Gum 3500 F Powder for is available for food and beverage processors looking to differentiate themselves through the use of organic ingredients. The organic guar gum functions at the same usage level and for the same properties as traditional guar gum, but it is grown and harvested according to certified organic standards. A multi-functional, cold-water soluble gum that hydrates rapidly, this product is suitable for a variety of applications. It can also be used alone or in combination with other gums.
TIC Gums, 4609 Richlynn Dr., Belcamp, Md. 21017; 800/899-3953
CD-Rom for brewers
The newly released, ninth version of the ASBC Methods of Analysis is available in a technologically advanced CD-Rom version. It offers more than 200 traditional brewing beverage analytical methods, along with 19 new methods, to ensure proven analytical methods are available to measure the consistency and performance of brewing worldwide. The new edition introduces features that make the methods easier to use and improves the accuracy of results. It includes a video demonstration of an ASBC Method technique.
The new full-text search option and menu-driven short cuts make research fast and easy. The CD-Rom, published by the American Society of Brewing Chemists, includes preparation and set-up information, easy-to-follow instructions, precautions and references. In addition, 60 built-in conversion calculators specific to the methods are provided to ensure accuracy in equations. – American Society of Brewing Chemists, 3340 Pilot Knob Rd., St. Paul, Minn. 55121; 800/328-7560
Immune support
OptiNutrin is a proprietary nutraceutical ingredient for superior every day immune support in functional food and beverage products. The product is a unique polysac-charide/protein complex that has been shown in independent, in vivo, bioactivity testing to provide significant immune stimulation to support good health and wellness even in very minimal quantities.
OptiNutrin is a GRAS-affirmed ingredient suitable for every-day consumption in a variety of food and beverage products. It does not require any special dietary considerations and does not require “off cycles” to maintain its efficacy. – Nutragenesis, 76 Highland St., Brattleboro, Vt. 05301; 802/257-5345
Varietal grape flavors
Using proprietary natural aromatics, Robertet’s line of grape flavors enhance flavor impact. Each varietal grape flavor has its own character and charm – true to the grape. The Blush Red, Candied, Concord, Muscat, Niagara, Red and White grape flavors are all natural, liquid, water-soluble and Kosher. – Robertet Flavors, 10 Colonial Dr., Piscataway, N.J. 08854; 732/981-8300
Vivid flavors
Takasago’s Vivid Flavors capture the nuances that are not identified through traditional analytical tools.
Development of these flavors was initiated in the company’s central R&D labs in Japan, using innovative sensory and analytical techniques. The program uses proprietary and patented techniques for the discovery of useful components that enhance the character of flavors and make them more “vivid” and natural when used in food and beverage applications.
Chiral compounds identical to those found in nature, allow flavorists to create the subtleties found in aroma and taste characteristics that maximize the perception of the flavor. The line of Vivid Flavors includes Peach, Concord Grape, Fuji Apple, Strawberry and Raspberry.  – Takasago International (USA), 4 Volvo Dr., Rockleigh, N.J., 07647-2508,  201/747-1400
Weight-loss ingredient
Super Citrimax, a patent-pending form of (-)hydroxycitric acid is a proprietary, ephedra-free weight loss ingredient. InterHealth says a human clinical study conducted by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center and India’s Andhra University found that HCA has benefits beyond just weight loss. The study published in Nutrition Research found that patients in the study not only experienced significant weight loss, but increased fat burning, lowered cholesterol, increased beneficial HDL cholesterol and decreased body mass index.
HCA is extracted from a South Asian fruit called Garcinia cambogia. Consumed for centuries by people throughout Southeast Asia as a flavoring agent and satiety aid, it is listed by the USDA as an edible fruit. Super CitriMax works without stimulating the central nervous system, so it does not cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure or interfere with sleep. – InterHealth Nutraceuticals Inc., 5451 Industrial Way, Benicia, Calif. 94510; 707/751-2800