Creators Briefs

Fight oxidation
Origanox antioxidant, is a functional ingredient that fights oxidation and increases shelf life, maintaining flavor, freshness and nutritional value. It’s effective in both aqueous and emulation systems, performing as a natural water-soluble antioxidant. Origanox has GRAS status and works in synergy with existing antioxidants. In heat and fry processes, Origanox resists high temperatures. It also serves as an antioxidant. — Frutarom Inc., 9500 Railroad Ave., North Bergen, N.J., 07047; 201/861-8711;
Stable protein for fruity drinks
Genu Drink texturizer type DP 500 is a product specially designed for ready-to-drink juice-based or fruit-flavored beverages needing a stable protein compound. This texturizer is a unique blend of Simplesse microparticulated whey protein concentrate and Genu pectin. It provides excellent stability, good mouthfeel and is compatible with a wide variety of fruit flavors. Beverages made with Genu Drink texturizer type DP 500 are simple to process because the product can be added directly to the juice or fruit drink. The texturizer is also easy to disperse and hydrate, so it can be used in most juice processing plants without adding special mixing equipment. — CPKelco, 123 N. Wacker Dr., Ste. 2000, Chicago, Ill. 60606; 312/554-7800;
Pure soy
Intellisoy is a completely clear, 100 percent soluble and perfectly pure soy isoflavone additive with no calories and no taste, making it possible to avail consumers of the benefits of soy without the negative attributes associated with it. The nature of Intellisoy allows it to be added to a full range of beverages without the beany tastes and odors, ashy colors and graininess that are the byproducts of soy isoflavones. Extracted through a patented water-based process, Intellisoy concentrated soy isoflavones are water soluble and flavorless so they can be added to beverages without altering flavor, texture or color. Intellisoy is GRAS certified. — Intellisoy, 275 Grove St., Suite 2-400, Newton, Mass. 02466; 617/527-0600;
GRAS rooted
Hidrox, a patented raw material formulation of hydroxytyrosol is now self-affirmed GRAS. The newly achieved GRAS status for Hidrox allows it to be used in food, functional foods and beverages. Made from the pulp of certified organic olives, Hidrox underwent an intensive toxicology review, and was found to be safe for human consumption when used as an antimicrobial or antioxidant agent in foods.  
Only 100 percent organic olives are used to make Hidrox, and the patented extraction process used to capture the polyphenols is completely natural and solvent-free. The process removes the pits from the pulp of the olives and integrates the polyphenolic-rich olive water with citric acid. This protects against air oxidation, microbial contamination and triggers the release of hydroxytyrosol. — CreAgri Inc., 1165 Coast Village Rd., Suite M; Santa Barbara, Calif. 93108; 866-4-CREAGRI;
Pocket refractometer
The PAL-1 digital refractometer is only 2 inches wide by 2 inches high by 4 inches long. It weighs a mere 4 ounces, yet provides a measurement range of zero to 53 Brix percent with accuracy of Brix +/-0.2 percent. This convenient, state-of-the-art design costs about the same as a hand-held analog refractometer. It’s easy-to-use — two to three drops of sample are applied to the prism surface, the start up key is pressed and the Brix percent value is displayed in three seconds. Automatic temperature compensation permits accuracy within a range of 10° to 40° C. The PAL-1 is powered by two AAA batteries and comes with a storage case. — Wilkens-Anderson Co.; 4525 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill. 60651; 773/384-4433;