Creators Briefs

Grapefruit solutions
Recent hurricanes have put grapefruit oils in short supply, but Symrise’s Citrus Tools for Taste program provides a safety net from market forces, with grapefruit flavors in pink, white and sweet varieties. The ingredients provide grapefruit juice flavors without bitterness, as well as greater consistency and improved solubility. And unlike the fruit itself, these grapefruit flavors do not interfere with the absorption of some prescription drugs. The flavors are suited to a range of beverage formulations, and Symrise provides ongoing support for product development. — Symrise, 300 North Street, Teterboro, N.J. 07608; 201/288-3200;
Dairy drink booster
Orafti Active Food Ingredients’ Raftilose Synergy 1 and Raftiline ST Inulin can be used in dairy beverages to increase calcium absorption by 20 percent. The products offer 42 percent fewer calories than sugar, as well as 30 percent fewer carbohydrates and 33 percent more protein. Inulin also is a good source of dietary fiber and calcium, it contains 22 essential vitamins and minerals, and boosts the body’s immune system. — Orafti Active Food Ingredients, 101 Lindenwood Drive, Malvern, Pa. 19355; 610/889-9828;
Co-Q10 for beverages
Wild Flavors offers the only self-GRAS, water-soluble Coenzyme Q10 product available in North America, and it can be used in beverages, nutritional bars, yogurts and other products. Co-Q10 is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in the production of energy. — Wild Flavors, 1261 Pacific Ave., Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 859/342-3600;
New flavor line
Danisco has launched a new series of flavors based on real-time quantitative measurements of the released volatiles that lead to human taste perception. The Commonsense Flavors line initially is available in strawberry, orange, peach, apple and raspberry flavors. Applications include soft drink and dairy, and more flavors are under development. — Danisco USA Inc., 440 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, N.Y. 10502; 800/255-6837;