Creators Briefs

Novel fiber ingredients
National Starch Food Innovation has become the exclusive distributor of Roquette Freres’s Nutriose soluble fiber in the United States and Mexico. Nutriose is a line of water-soluble fibers made from corn and wheat, and is ideally suited to high-moisture applications such as beverage and dairy. It complements National Starch’s Hi-maize resistant starch insoluble fiber and the company’s focus on nutritional ingredients for digestive health and energy management.—National Starch Food Innovation, 10 Finderne Ave., Bridgewater, N.J. 08807; 908/685-5000;
Natural colors
Chr. Hansen has introduced a new line of natural colors made specifically for colored clear beverages with superior stability. The new ColorFruit range of natural colors is available in natural red, orange, yellow and violet (however, only red and violet are approved for use in the United States). All shades are made from fruits and vegetables, and are applicable for a wide range of acidic beverages such as diet and regular soft drinks, flavored waters, alcohol beverages or malternatives. ColorFruit natural colors have excellent stability due to unique technology created by Chr. Hansen researchers. — Chr. Hansen, 9015 West Maple St., Milwaukee, Wis. 53124, 800/558-0802;
Satiety ingredient
Danisco Sweeteners offers Litesse, a versatile ingredient that can reduce calories. The prebiotic fiber can impart an increased feeling of fullness, or satiety, for fewer calories. Available for use in beverages, Litesse, also is high in fiber, sugar free, low calorie and low glycemic. — Danisco Sweeteners, 400 Sawmill River Rd., Ardsley, N.Y. 10502; 800/255-6837;
Added calcium
Gadot Biochemical Industries has introduced Gadocal K, a new patent-pending calcium potassium citrate compound for use in milk replacements. Applicable to calcium fortification of soy milk, fluid milk, smoothies and infant formulas, the product maintains stable suspension without gritty mouthfeel. Gadocal K can be added at level of at least 300 mg. per serving, which is approximately 30 percent of the RDA for calcium. — Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd., P.O. Box 10636, Haifa Bay, Israel, 26118; +972-4-8461555;