Creators’ Briefs

Energy sweetener
Cargill’s Xtend Isomaltulose is a fully digestible, sustained energy sweetener that can be used in beverages and foods where extended energy is desired. It is obtained from sucrose by enzymatic conversion and has the same energy value as sucrose, but is digested at a slower rate and is completely absorbed, resulting in sustained release of energy. Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug administration has announced that it will allow the claim that isomaltulose does not promote tooth decay.
— Cargill Inc., P.O. Box 5625, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440; 952/742-6000;
Green tea powder
Keiko Teas offers Keiko Kabuse No. 2 Green Tea Powder, a certified organic, half-shaded, Japanese green tea powder. The powder is created from Japanese half-shaded tea from a June 2 picking. The whole tea leaf, including the veins, is used in a proprietary technique. Kabuse No. 2 Green Tea Powder can be used at retail and foodservice for expresso-style matcha green expresso and green lattes. Keiko also offers four other types of virgin matcha from early pickings.
— Keiko Teas, 2710 North Street, Mt. Vernon, Ill. 62864; 618/242-5711;
No alcohol vanilla
Frutarom USA Inc. released Solid Extract Vanilla Bourbon FR, an ingredient that addresses the needs of customers who do not want vanilla products that contain alcohol, as well as those that are looking for a higher, concentrated version of standard vanilla extract. Solid Extract Vanilla is in a highly concentrated syrup form, also making it ideal for use in coffee outlets that sell specialty coffee selections.
— Frutarom USA Inc., 9500 Railroad Ave., North Bergen, N.J. 07047; 201/861-9500;