Living Essentials’ 5-hour ENERGY Shots, Farmington, Mich., is partnering with actor and BBQ pro Brian Baumgartner to get people into the grill zone with a BBQ sauce that delivers a caffeinated kick.

Grilling isn’t just a hobby — it’s a lifestyle. And those who get it, get it, the company says. With 38 million #BBQ Instagram posts — and more than 630 thousand members of r/BBQ — there’s a fast-growing community of grillers who all speak the same, sizzling language.  

The new 5-hour ENERGY Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce gives pros and newbies alike a shot to own their grill all summer long. And with July 4 right around the corner — the No. 1 grilling holiday in the nation — this product is guaranteed to take the grilling season to the next level, the company says. With a sweet and tangy Peach Mango flavor and the caffeinated kick you’d expect from a 5-hour ENERGY shot, it’s giving Big Grill Energy, it adds.

Created with partners at The National Food Lab, and with 60 mg of caffeine in each serving, the sauce packs an energizing punch, the company says. To add even more fuel to the fire, 5-hour ENERGY is bringing on Brian Baumgartner as a partner to spread the word (and the sauce). 

The actor, griller and author of the new “Seriously Good Barbecue Cookbook" will be sharing his own mouth-watering recipe using the product with his followers, who can then replicate his dish after snapping up a bottle of their own. 

“It takes true Big Grill Energy to work the grill. It’s an art, a science, and a passion that takes time to get things just right,” Baumgartner said in a statement. “Whether you’re a novice or a well-seasoned pro, everyone knows you need a specific kind of energy to keep things low and slow throughout the full grilling experience. That’s why I’m incredibly stoked to be partnering with 5-hour ENERGY to bring the secret sauce you need to crush your cookout.”

The limited release 5-hour ENERGY Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce will happen over four weeks, now available at 

“From my own family cookouts, I know how exhausting BBQing can be. From grilling to hosting and all the fun lawn games that happen in between, it’s often an all-day affair,” said Jeff Sigouin, president and chief operating officer of Living Essentials. “As we continue to redefine what 5-hour ENERGY is and can be, we’re excited to be the first energy brand to offer hardworking BBQ aficionados what they really need — a caffeinated sauce to help stay focused and keep the party going.”