Pegasus Distillerie, a premium organic spirits brand founded in France’s Burgundy region, announced its arrival in the United States. 

Drawing inspiration from the famed winemaking region’s terroir — from spring-fed water to soil, topography, and climate — the Pegasus Distillerie portfolio includes vodka, gin and liqueur, comprised of quality organic ingredients, created using the most advanced distillation technology, the company says.

As part of the U.S. market launch, Pegasus is introducing a brand-new spirit: Shooting Star Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka enriched with minerals from an unexpected, out-of-this-world ingredient: a meteorite.

Beginning from wheat selected from local French producers, the Pegasus Vodkas undergo several rounds of slow reflux distillation using iStill stills to create a combination of exceptional structure and flavor precision, the company says. Located at the heart of the distillery, under a cathedral of zinc and glass under the night-sky, the iStillÒ technology combines tradition and innovation, it notes. It has a unique cubic shape that significantly improves the blending of the extractions to capture incredibly refined aromas, it adds.

To create Shooting Star Vodka the spirit is then reduced over a month-long period with pure spring water from the well 150 meters below the Pegasus Distillerie and aged for a minimum of one year in a terracotta amphora from Italy, according to the company. Suspended at the center of the amphora is a meteorite, imparting an extraordinary flavor and structure to the vodka, it says.

“At Pegasus Distillerie, we draw inspiration from the starry sky and are guided by an unwavering commitment to quality. Harnessing the purest natural elements, we craft simple yet innovative and refined spirits that evoke a sense of wonder and contribute to creating long-lasting shared memories,” said Maxime Girardin, founder and master distiller at Pegasus Distillerie, in a statement. “We take pride in using organic ingredients and botanicals that are harvested by hand in the south of France and on the Swiss Alps and in distilling our spirits in small batches — a process that sets us apart in our commitment to excellence and innovation, uniquely embodying the regions’ terroir. The flavor profile introduced to our Shooting Star Vodka through the meteorite and the aging process represents an innovation that you won't find anywhere else.”

Accompanying Shooting Star Vodka to the U.S. market are three core products from Pegasus Distillerie, as follows:

•    Pegasus Vodka: The principal vodka in the Pegasus Distillerie portfolio, Pegasus Vodka is characterized by a unique smoothness and freshness, the company says. Crafted with the finest quality grains, the vodka combines high-quality, organic French wheat with pure spring-fed Meursault water mixed in slow reduction to preserve the high quality, creating an ideal blend and flavor profile, it notes.

•    Orion Gin: As the first product created by the distillery, Orion Gin combines local authenticity and French know-how, the company notes. Born from the fusion between five carefully selected and locally sourced botanicals, each distilled separately and then masterfully mixed, the result contains subtle aromas of citrus fruits from the Mediterranean and plants and flowers grown in the Swiss Alps, it says.

•    Eau d’Or Liqueur: A throwback to a bygone era, the Eau d’Or Liqueur recipe was crafted by the master distillers of Versailles under Louis the XIV and was deemed a luxury product reserved for the royal court due to its premium ingredients of citrus fruits, cane sugar, and orange blossoms, it notes. Revitalized for the tastes of our century, the liqueur created by Pegasus Distillerie with its resplendent golden glints will gracefully accompany consumers through the day, from an early aperitivo to the enchanting sunset, it says.

Pegasus Distillerie spirits will be distributed in New York, California and Florida. Store locators can be found by visiting the company’s website.