Fable announced the nationwide launch of its signature line of premium THC/CBD-infused botanical cocktails.

First released in California in 2021, the idea for Fable began when husband-and-wife team Ben and Kristin Kennedy set out to develop a non-alcohol, THC-infused beverage that delivered on the same characteristics and qualities of a fine cocktail, the company notes.

“A fine alcoholic drink has mouthfeel, viscosity, and a layered flavor profile," said Ben Kennedy, CEO and co-founder of Fable, in a statement. “We found a natural and delicious way to replicate the alcoholic bite and flavor arc of a premium cocktail. Consumers shouldn't have to sacrifice on taste should they choose to drink an alcohol alternative.”

Available in three varieties — Into the Woods, Best Zest and Night Flight — each can of Fable contains a 5 mg micro dose of Delta-9 THC and 3 mg CBD, it notes  The result is an elevated taste experience from first sip to the buildable buzz felt in the moments afterwards, it says.

“The growing popularity of the sober-curious lifestyle shows that the non-alcoholic market is missing a significant human truth, which is that many of us want something to take the edge off without having to turn to alcohol," Kennedy added. “Fable is that perfect addition to a happy hour, dinner party, or night in with family and friends.”

Packaged in 12-ounce cans, Fable now is available for purchase online at the company’s website to anyone 21 years of age or older across the country.