Nutrabolt’s C4 unveiled its C4 x Hawaiian Punch collaboration with the launch of its Hawaiian Punch flavor C4 Pre-Workout Powders and C4 Energy drink.

 The newest collaboration from C4 gives you the sweet taste of your favorite childhood drink, but with an extra “punch” to help you hit harder at the gym every single time you step through the door, the company says.

As part of C4’s larger reformulation of their entire pre-workout portfolio, the C4 x Hawaiian Punch collection features its fruitiest flavor and hardest hitting formula to date with PeptiPump, a cutting-edge, AI-powered designer peptide only found in C4 that maximizes performance and increased caffeine level with up to 300 mg of caffeine, it notes.

The C4 Pre-Workout x Hawaiian Punch is available to purchase online at the company’s website and other select retailers such as Kroger, Walmart and Target while the C4 Energy x Hawaiian Punch is currently available exclusively at Vitamin Shoppe.