Delola, the premium line of ready-to-enjoy cocktails founded by Jennifer Lopez, announced the expansion of THE HOUSE OF DELOLA, with a new Light Margarita cocktail.

Delola Light Margarita is a lower in calorie twist on the classic Margarita cocktail, crafted with premium tequila and triple citrus, the company notes.

“By introducing Delola to the world, we wanted to provide world-class cocktails without all of the calories and effort,” Lopez said in a statement. “The Delola Light Margarita is fresh and delicious with premium tequila and triple citrus notes. I think it’s the perfect ready-to-enjoy version of the most popular cocktail. Whether you’re bringing a bottle to a BBQ during the warmer months or entertaining and gifting for get-togethers, the convenience and elegance of Delola Cocktails frees you up so you have more time to spend with friends and family.”

Delola’s Master Mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, added: “The launch of Delola Light Margarita follows all the positive feedback we’ve received for our three initial cocktails. People today are more aware of the quality and ingredients in their drinks, and the fact that we’ve crafted mixology-level cocktails using natural ingredients is clearly resonating with consumers. 

“We’re also committed to ensuring Delola Cocktails provide a ‘better-for-you’ option with lower ABV, lower sugar, and less calories in each serving than traditional cocktails,” Marrero continued. “Our Light Margarita was crafted with that in mind, and is 125 calories versus 220 calories plus for a classic Margarita.”

The 12.5% ABV Delola Light Margarita is sold in a uniquely embossed glass bottle, available in 750-ml and 375-ml sizes. Like all Delola Cocktails, it will be available in grocery and fine wine and spirit retailers, restaurants, and hotels nationally beginning in May with continued distribution throughout the summer, the company says.