Glanbia plc, Kilkenny, Ireland, has agreed to acquire Flavor Producers LLC, Valencia, Calif., for an initial consideration of $300 million plus deferred consideration. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2024. With a 40 year plus history, Flavor Producers is a leading independent flavor business in the United States, specializing in plant-based natural and organic flavors, extracts and essences for the food and beverage industries. Glanbia will operate Flavor Producers within its Chicago-based Glanbia Nutritionals business, complementing the company’s existing flavors capabilities. Building on its current strengths in natural flavors and maskers from its Foodarom business, the acquisition expands Glanbia Nutritionals’ offerings by deepening its capability in the beverage and food categories with an extensive library of plant-based natural flavors, organic flavors, extracts and essences. The acquisition also will increase Glanbia Nutritionals’ flavor innovation, manufacturing and regional reach and footprint in North America. “We are delighted to welcome Flavor Producers to Glanbia Nutritionals,” said Brian Phelan, CEO of Glanbia Nutritionals, in a statement. “This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to grow our Nutritionals Solutions business and specifically our flavors platform. This business has a leading position in the U.S., built over 40 years, and is highly complementary to our existing flavor capabilities. We are excited about what the combined strengths of both businesses can bring as we continue to deliver better nutrition solutions to our customers and consumers alike.” 

Kemin Industries, Des Moines, Iowa, received Novel Food authorization from the European Commission for BetaVia Pure, along with a five-year exclusivity in the European Union. BetaVia Pure is manufactured through a patented process using Euglena gracilis, Kemin’s proprietary strain of the algae. With its neutral odor, color and small recommended dose, the postbiotic can be included in numerous finished-product forms and easily included as part of a daily health routine, the company says. Effective April 30, the Commission Implementing Regulation authorized BetaVia Pure to be placed on the market in specific food categories. The comprehensive proprietary data generated by Kemin’s Human Nutrition and Health business unit establishing the safety of BetaVia Pure led to a five-year exclusivity in the European Union market, it explains. “The European Food Safety Authority conducted an extremely rigorous evaluation of the safety data on BetaVia Pure, and now receiving approval is a tremendous achievement that demonstrates the strength of the Novel Food dossier Kemin Human Nutrition and Health submitted to the European Commission,” said Pedro Vieira, vice president of Europe at Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, in a statement. “We are extremely excited to see the Commission Implementing Regulation published, which finally allows us to offer BetaVia Pure to the European Union, one of the key markets for Kemin Human Nutrition and Health.” BetaVia has an established global regulatory status, including in the U.S., Brazil, Japan, China, and many other countries.

GNT, which supplies plant-based EXBERRY colors, has identified “Regeneration Rising” as a key trend in the food and drink sector. The company’s analysis explores the growing global appreciation for the natural world and desire to protect the planet. This mindset is now intensifying the focus on the origins of raw materials and sustainable production. The Regeneration Rising trend also is inspiring new color palettes as brands seek to convey instinctive messages about how their products are created, it says. GNT has identified three new color directions in line with the trend. “Elevated Earth” involves earthy shades from red-browns and warm oranges to textured purples and inky teals, elevating products with an organic but premium look and feel. “Nature Lab” is about pushing the boundaries of what is considered natural and features a kaleidoscopic spectrum of green, pink, red, yellow, orange, and blue. Finally, “Wholesome Nostalgia” features yellows, greens, blues, peaches and pinks that range from velvet-like to milky, translucent, muted, and dreamlike. Dieuwertje Raaijmakers, marketing communications specialist at GNT Group, said: “Consumers of all ages are developing a much stronger interest in sustainability and rebuilding their relationships with the natural world. To appeal to these shoppers, food and beverage companies have to showcase their commitment to the planet. Color can play an important role in telling that story, helping brands create appealing products that send out strong visual signals about how they’re produced.”