Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, a leading brand for low calorie, low sugar syrup concentrates, announced the launch of its new Lemonade and Tea collection.

The sugar free collection features Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Sweet Tea syrup concentrates. The syrup concentrates deliver a new format and delicious way to enjoy the classics, the company says. 

Breaking away from the traditional Lemonades and Sweet Tea, Skinny Mixes provides a simple and easy alternative for those looking to revamp their lemonade and tea experience, it says. The launch emphasizes a fresh perspective on Lemonade and Tea, challenging the norm and encouraging consumers to think differently about their favorite beverages.

“We’re on a mission to redefine the beverage experience,” said Dana Paris, chief commercial officer for Skinny Mixes, in a statement. “With our new Lemonade and Tea syrup concentrates we’re serving up a revolution in taste that the entire family can enjoy. Our unique syrup concentrates allow for you to make a quick drink on the go or make a pitcher for family and friends to enjoy. This new collection is carefully crafted to provide delicious taste without compromising on empty calories and refined sugar.”

Skinny Mixes’ Lemonade and Tea syrup concentrates are available to purchase at Amazon, by visiting the company website and at local retailers across the country.