BENEO appointed Dr. Mike Eberle as the newest member of its Executive Board of Directors at BENEO GmbH. In his new role, Eberle will be responsible for overseeing operations at BENEO. As part of the new role at BENEO, Eberle will be responsible for operations including production, technology, supply chain management, quality, raw material, health, safety and environmental protection, as well as sustainability. His appointment comes at a pivotal time as BENEO continues to focus on the sustainable development of its plant-based functional ingredients portfolio. “I am very happy to join the BENEO team. The company is a leading player for plant-based functional ingredients worldwide,” Eberle said in a statement. “My ambition is to grow BENEO’s operational excellence further and make sure we use our planet’s resources in a sustainable way. Both the experienced team and the production sites around the globe are well set to do so. Passion is a key driver to being successful and I am more than confident that we will succeed as a team.”



Pluri Inc. announced that it has launched its cell-based coffee business activity. Pluri’s cell-based coffee product is designed to address the growing global demand for sustainable, high-quality coffee at mass scale production. Pluri is pioneering plant cell-based, industrial scale manufacturing solutions for the coffee industry, leveraging its 3D cell expansion technology to create high quality coffee under the company’s new business vertical: PluriAgtech. PluriAgtech aims to forge a brighter, greener future for agriculture by using breakthrough cell technology to create more eco-friendly alternatives to traditional farming methods. PluriAgtech’s cell-based coffee has been developed to deliver authentic coffee while solving key challenges faced by the industry. Compared with traditional methods of coffee production, Pluri’s cell-based coffee is estimated to slash water usage by 98%, it says. “Pluri’s advanced agtech solutions potentially reduce the environmental footprint of traditional agricultural production. PluriAgtech can deliver numerous solutions ranging from products like cell-based coffee to bioactive in order to address the biggest challenges in agriculture,” said Pluri CEO and President Yaky Yanay, in a statement. 



Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances, an established leader in the creation and manufacturing of flavor, fragrance, and ingredient solutions, announced the acquisition of Huber the Nose, a Switzerland-based company with more than 50 years in the research and development of flavors and fragrance oils. Huber the Nose is known for delivering high-quality products and customized solutions in the flavor and fragrance industry. Flavorchem and Huber the Nose share similar histories and values of being a family-owned business with a commitment to customized solutions, a customer-centric approach and the agility to meet customer needs. The acquisition further complements Flavorchem and Orchidia’s portfolio and strengthens their global capabilities across the food and beverage, and consumer goods sector. The addition of Huber the Nose marks a strategic milestone for Flavorchem and Orchidia and represents the next phase of growth for the company. “We are proud to build on the legacy established by Dr. Huber and his team. The acquisition will strengthen our global reach to better serve customers. Together, we will continue to uphold our shared values that both companies were founded on,” said Ken Malinowski, president of Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances, in a statement. Flavorchem and Orchidia Fragrances are committed to ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining the highest levels of customer service during the changeover, it says.