Consumers and commercial customers alike are drawn to beverages in a one-liter bottle for several reasons. Shareability and sustainability factor heavily into this trend. Aluminum containers in smaller sizes, up to 500ml, are good for personal use. In the home, the ability to share beverages with family and friends combined with the recycling benefits provide incentive for choosing to go “bigger.”  

Today’s price-conscious shopper (and who isn’t these days?) also recognizes that products in larger sizes are frequently offered at a lower cost per unit and with heightened environmental awareness, aluminum bottles offer them a more efficient and sustainable choice.

Hotels, restaurants, and the hospitality industry in general are seeing the benefits as these institutions and their customers’ focus on sustainability increases. Aluminum is a unique metal. It is strong, durable, impermeable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and 100% recyclable. Due to its infinite recyclability, without any degradation in its material quality, aluminum sits atop the recycling chain.

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