CCL Container, a division of CCL Industries, announced the release of sleek, aerosol containers that provide a simple, cost-effective wine preservation process that eliminates virtually all product spoilage. In partnership with Silvadore Wine Essentials, CCL Container’s recyclable aluminum packaging preserves the wine’s flavor and integrity, long after the bottle is opened, the company says. The packaging also prevents the open bottle of wine from turning sour before it can be fully consumed. The product utilizes food-grade argon gas as a preservation agent. By dispensing two sprays from the container’s press-top actuator into an open wine bottle, the argon gas rests on top of the remaining wine, functioning as a barrier that prevents oxidation. The colorless, tasteless barrier maintains the wine’s original freshness and flavor structure for up to two weeks after initial uncorking. The aerosol bottle holds 0.3 ounces of argon gas, which is enough for approximately 50 uses, the company says. The sleek, contoured brush neck allows for improved grip and handling, while the high-end decorating gives the containers a premium look and feel that catches the eye. Additionally, the 100% lightweight virgin aluminum container is fully recyclable and available for use outdoors and on-the-go consumption. 

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