Jones Soda Co., Seattle, has expanded into alcohol beverages with the launch of Spiked Jones Hard Craft Soda. 

Unique to the hard soda category, Spiked Jones is full flavor with the brand’s cane sugar formulation and elevated alcohol content, the company says. It was created in partnership with Rainmaker LLC, producer of Locust Cider with national distribution. 

This is the first product collaboration of the northwest based beverage companies focused on operational efficiencies, incremental sales and profits for key retailers, according to the company. Spiked Jones will launch with 19.2-ounce single cans and a mixed pack of 12-ounce sleek cans. The 12-ounce cans feature an 8.4% ABV and the 19.2-ounce cans a 6.9% ABV compared with the 5% or less of many other products, it says.

Launch flavors include M.F. Grape, Orange & Cream, Strawberry Lime, Berry Lemonade, Cola & Lime, and Green Apple. The brand has secured a major retail grocery partner for initial distribution in Q2/2024, to be announced at a future date, with additional distribution partners to follow in food service, retail grocery and convenience, it says. Cans will feature user submitted photos, as popular with other Jones Soda products, and the launch is being supported by in-store sampling, and activation at music festivals, it notes. 

Rainmaker, producer of Locust Cider, has deep expertise in crafting authentic cider flavors and combinations, as well as specializing in bold hard ciders and innovative beverages made with real ingredients, the company notes. It compliments and broadens Jones’ classic flavors and formulation, retail grocery and convenience relationships, as well as its new footprint in food service, it says. 

“Jones has wanted to create a hard craft soda, but it was not possible to create the perfect taste until we partnered with Rainmaker,” said David Knight, CEO of Jones Soda, in a statement. “There was a natural fit due to our shared admiration of taste profiles, expertise and shared values in beverage philosophy.”

Jason Spears, founder of Rainmaker, added: “Jones Soda has perfected its own iconic flavors and tastes with over 28 years in beverages and a passionate fan community that spans across the USA and Canada. The brand has leveraged key partners with rich expertise and relationships to capture this and bring it into new markets and new product categories, like Spiked Jones. We are a great match.”

The launch of Spiked Jones Hard Craft Soda follows Jones’ recent expansion into foodservice in the USA and Canada, with Dot Foods and other key partners. It is in addition to the craft soda launch into pets and legal cannabis, as well as its innovative labels, Special Release program, and other success, the company says.