High-speed camera providers Emergent Vision Technologies launched the Eros camera series. The new camera series will support 5GigE, 2.5GigE and 1GigE speeds through auto-negotiation. The Eros cameras are set to feature the latest Sony Pregius CMOS image sensors, which are offered in Emergent’s 10GigE and 25GigE cameras, but in lower speed, lower cost and smaller-sized camera options. The cameras will still support Emergent’s zero-copy imaging approach, which refers to the use of built-in header splitting features in network interface cards (NICs) to perform zero-copy image transfer, the company explains. John Illett, president and chief technology officer of Emergent, notes that Eros cameras “address the gap that exists in the market today when it comes to zero-copy imaging,” which has become a must-have requirement for achieving top performance in lower speed multi-camera configurations. “RDMA and RDMA over Converged Ethernet v2 (RoCE v2) support zero-copy transfer, but require more FPGA resources to implement, which is more costly than the mature, lightweight GigE Vision Streaming Protocol that Emergent supports,” Illett said in a statement. “As a result, many manufacturers are not supporting RoCE v2 in cameras below 10GigE, but Eros cameras address this lack of support by delivering zero-copy imaging performance for some of the most challenging lower speed multi-camera machine vision applications today.”

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