Fee Brothers, introduced its newest product: Mole Bitters, the latest addition to the brand’s long line of flavors.

“Bartenders and mixologists told us that the number one thing we could do for them was develop new flavors,” said Jon Spacher, CEO of Fee Brothers, in a statement. “In a world full of RTD beverages, our audiences are embracing the slow, layered, and nuanced flavors of a carefully crafted cocktail.”

Mole Bitters derives its sumptuous flavors from cacao fruit juice, imparting delightful hints of coffee and clove, alongside a gentle, warming heat, the company says.

Fee Brothers Chief Operating Officer Benn Spacher, added: “What sets this product apart is its pioneering approach to sustainability with upcycled ingredients — cacao fruit juice. This marks a significant milestone for Fee Brothers, offering eco-conscious mixologists a flavorful choice to elevate their craft cocktails.”

Earlier this year, Fee Brothers announced it has secured gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certifications for nearly all of its products across Bitters, Cordial Syrups, Cocktail Mixes, Botanical Waters and Brines. 

Packed in a 5-ounce bottle, Fee Brothers Mole Bitters is available to purchase nationwide by visiting the company’s website. International orders will begin shipping in 2024, the company says.