OJOY Wine Co. introduced Sparkling Blanc, the flagship offering in its collection of fine dealcoholized wines.

Sparkling Blanc is bursting with character and complexity, well-suited for the discerning palates of people who love wine, the company says.

“When I stopped drinking alcohol, I found myself yearning for a high quality NA wine that tasted as good as ordinary wine,” said Marc Wendt, founder and  CEO of OJOY Wine Co., in a statement. “We launched the brand to offer an option to wine lovers that delivers on taste without the typical downsides ordinary wine can have ― headaches, hangovers and dehydration.”

The non-alcoholic white blend combines high quality ingredients like 100% California wine with cutting edge innovation in dealcoholization technology, the company notes. The result is a crisp, dry, and subtly fruit-forward non-alcohol wine with notes of apricot, black currant, and citrus, it adds.

Packaged in 355-ml cans, Sparkling Blanc is available to purchase in an eight-pack for $99 at Amazon.