METAXA shared that the brand is launching a new, refreshed bottle design for METAXA Ouzo, a traditional Greek aperitif. 

METAXA Ouzo is distilled in 100% copper stills in small batches that help reveal all the richness of its flavors, in a revamped bottle. Ouzo is a renowned, anise-flavored liqueur that can only be produced in Greece and Cyprus, and the refreshed bottle encapsulates the essence of its beauty and heritage, the company says. 

While the outside of METAXA Ouzo gains a refined and contemporary face, the inside has remained intact and faithful to its heritage, it notes. In addition to the anise and a bouquet of selected botanicals and spices, METAXA Ouzo is enriched with a rare and treasured Greek ingredient ― mastic, a resin obtained via a time consuming, traditional process, from the mastic tree that grows on the Aegean Island of Chios. The terroir of Chios gives mastic the unique taste and smell, it adds.

 METAXA Ouzo is now available nationwide with a suggested retail price of $21.50 for a 700-ml bottle.