Double Diamond and Dempsey & Carroll have collaborated on a limited-edition set to celebrate the time-honored tradition of letter writing and thoughtful communication this holiday season.

Double Diamond, known for its meticulous winemaking process from winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown, captures the essence of the land and believes that each bottle is a vessel for bringing people together, it says. Dempsey & Carroll’s legacy in bespoke stationery and commitment to quality serves as a powerful testament to the impact of thoughtful communication. In an age where digital communication often prevails, Double Diamond and Dempsey & Carroll encourage special memories to be made this holiday season, whether near or far.

Featuring the 2021 Double Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon, bespoke Dempsey & Carroll stationery, a custom wax seal, red sealing wax and a fountain pen, this collaboration was designed to celebrate and inspire the art of human connection.

Available Dec. 1, the set includes a 750-ml bottle of 2021 Double Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon, one bespoke Dempsey & Carroll x Double Diamond stationery set, including 10 notes and 10 hand-lined envelopes, a wax stamp featuring the Old Sparky dragon motif, red sealing wax and a Lamy Safari Fountain Pen.

The limited-edition sets are available for purchase at