Global manufacturer of thermal management and signaling technologies Pfannenberg Inc. recently announced its full product range is now available with M12 readiness. This includes its audible, visual, combination and stacklights products. With this latest addition of M12 connectable BR50 Stacklights, Pfannenberg is the only North American provider to offer a full suite of M12 ready signaling solutions, the company says. Installation is significantly faster with M12 technology, as it removes the need for an electrician or electrical installer. It requires no expertise, which makes installation faster and cheaper for the customer. Connection also can easily be undone, so power does not need to be switched off to perform maintenance, saving time and money. The full range of Pfannenberg’s M12 compatible devices include the PATROL series sounders, PYRA flashing and LED lights, combined devices with flashing light and sounder, and INTENSE BR50 stacklights, the company notes. Pfannenberg’s signaling devices become plug and play ready for low voltage applications because of the addition of the M12 cordset. The M12 connectors offer pin compatibility and flexibility, allowing the devices to be set up to suit the precise signaling needs, and all Pfannenberg M12 signaling devices are pre-assembled and wired for quick installation, it says. The company notes that customers must simply mount the device to their machines and plug in the M12 wire connection.

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