Bright Energy Wellness announced the launch of its line of CBD-Infused powdered drink mixes that are free from artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors. 

The drink mixes, Lemonade and Berry Medley, are infused with 25 mg of 100% organically grown hemp-derived full spectrum CBD, the company says. Bright Energy’s proprietary recipe is manufactured by Lieutenant Blender’s Cocktails in a Bag, a leader in the powdered drink mix category, it notes. 

“This high quality, all-natural formula is a unique drink for those who want an alternative to soda, sports drinks, or other sugary beverages that are loaded with artificial ingredients, but who also want an ingredient-forward flavor profile with real fruit, all-natural blue agave, and the improved health effects that CBD has become known for,” said Candice Lascoe, vice president of marketing for Bright Energy Wellness, in a statement.

Packaged in 25-ounce bags, Bright Energy set out to deliver the convenience and portability provided by powdered drink mixes as they are easier to throw into a backpack than eight cans or bottles, it says. 

The Lemonade and Berry Medley drink mixes are available to purchase for $19.99 a bag (eight-serving package, scoop included) on Bright Energy’s website.