Rockstar Energy Drink, a brand of PepsiCo, Purchase, N.Y., launched Proud Hasta Los Huesos (Proud to the Bones), a national campaign that invites consumers to participate in the Mexican holiday that takes place during the first two days of November each year. To kick-off the campaign, Rockstar Energy released a limited-edition collection of Día de los Muertos-themed cans designed by Mexican artist and illustrator Joaquín Nava.

The Proud Hasta Los Huesos limited-edition can collection is inspired by the iconic images of La Catrina, one of the most recognizable symbols of the Día de los Muertos, and includes Rockstar Pure Zero, Brisk, Crush and Manzanita Sol beverages. Each can features artistic nods to the vibrant Mexican culture and community, and honors those who came before us. Design elements include La Catrina in the signature colors of each beverage surrounded by customary ofrendas (altars), the alebrije icons (spiritual guides), the Xolo dog, the feathered serpent, and other distinct decorative cues like marigold flowers and papel picado (paper banners).

“For Latinos, honoring family and preserving tradition are an intrinsic part of our lifestyle, and we celebrate them with pride and passion,” said Esperanza Teasdale, vice president and general manager of Hispanic Business Unit for PepsiCo Beverages North America, in a statement. “Rockstar Energy’s Proud Hasta Los Huesos campaign was created to honor our heritage while giving a platform for Hispanic artists to shine and share their talents with the world. Through this new, limited-edition Día de los Muertos can collection, we honor our roots, while infusing culture and creativity into every sip.”

As consumers prepare to celebrate Día de los Muertos this year, Rockstar encourages them to not only incorporate the limited-edition cans as part of their personalized ofrendas, but also as a way to continue supporting a new generation of talented Latino creators that use art as a tool for cultural expression, it says. Consumers also are invited to follow @RockstarEnergy on Instagram for a chance to get a limited-edition Rockstar Pure Zero ceremonial box with items to incorporate into their at-home altars including Rockstar Pure Zero Día de los Muertos limited-edition cans, custom papel picado, calavera (skull) candle, and temporary face tattoo with the Catrina skull design.

Joaquín Nava’s distinctive artistic interpretation of La Catrina imparts a profound message: live life with unapologetic enjoyment while embracing the legacy of those who came before you. The unique can collection offers a fresh and contemporary visual interpretation of this time-honored Mexican belief.

“Collaborating with Rockstar Energy to infuse my passion into these can designs has been an extraordinary journey ― it underscores the universal language of art and culture, serving as a reminder that when creativity and tradition intersect, the result can be truly exceptional,” said Joaquín Nava, renowned Mexican artist and illustrator, in a statement. “This partnership not only pays homage to our heritage but also amplifies it, sharing the essence of Mexican culture with the world in every glance at these vibrant cans.”

The limited-edition Rockstar Pure Zero cans are available for purchase nationwide. Brisk and Manzanita Sol fans can find the cans in the West and Central U.S. The Crush cans are available in select markets such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Chicago.