Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer and spirits trailblazer Sammy Hagar introduced refreshed looks and enhanced formulas for two of his award-winning, top-shelf Sammy’s Beach Bar Rums: Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum Platinum and Sammy’s Beach Bar Kola Spiced Rum.

Made in partnership with Rick Springfield, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is made in Puerto Rico with all-natural ingredients and the finest sugar cane in the Caribbean. The first to debut its new branding and flavor enhancements, the Platinum Rum features a smooth, well-balanced tasting experience highlighted by tropical notes with a hint of coconut and banana, the company says.

Kola Spiced now comes as the second in Hagar’s rum portfolio to debut an enhanced flavor and look. A proprietary spice blend featuring kola nut extract gives this premium rum hints of vanilla and coffee, the company says. The third and final rum found in Sammy’s portfolio, the macadamia nut-infused Read Head rum, is expected to debut its enhanced formula and renewed branding in early 2024.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is Hagar and Springfield’s second hit together. The two rockers first collaborated in 1981 when Hagar penned “I’ve Done Everything for You,” which became a breakout hit for Springfield. Springfield is featuring Sammy’s Beach Bar Rums on his current tour.

Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum is available for purchase nationwide, with the exception of Hawaii.