With back-to-school season upon us and parents in the midst of never-ending to-do lists, Capri Sun, a brand of The Kraft Heinz Co., Chicago, announced it’s giving parents a much-needed break by introducing Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink packs, in partnership with Taskrabbit, a digital platform that connects people seeking help with household tasks.

Inspired by the notion that each pouch of Capri Sun takes approximately 50 seconds to drink, Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink is a repackaging of the brand’s beloved product, designed to mimic the style of noise canceling headphones and gives parents a much-needed moment to themselves, the company says. The packs are the juices kids know and enjoy, with the added bonus of quiet time for parents, it adds.

For parents to enjoy their 50 seconds of calm, Capri Sun teamed up with Taskrabbit to give them the luxury of delegation, with recipients receiving a $100 Taskrabbit credit to outsource their responsibilities to a skilled Tasker in their area. Parents can enjoy a bit more “me time” knowing that their back-to-school to-do list is being taken care of, the company says. From cleaning to home repairs and yard work, parents can outsource household tasks to Taskrabbit, it notes.

“At Capri Sun, we know that back-to-school season is a hectic time and our goal through launching the Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink is to show our appreciation for parents by providing them 50 seconds of calm,” said Samantha Mills, associate director of brand communications, in a statement. “When parents buy these new juice packs, they are buying themselves some much needed peace and quiet. Our partnership with Taskrabbit is a strategic effort to give parents what they really need — time to themselves without worry.”

Capri Sun’s Kid Noise-Canceling Juice Drink packs now are available on noisecancelingjuicedrink.com with no purchase necessary. The giveaway includes two pouches in a box and a $100 Taskrabbit credit that can be used toward hourly service rates on the platform, while supplies last.