Best Day Brewing announced the launch of its first, seasonal release: Electro-Lime Cerca de Cerveza.

A non-alcohol Mexican-style lager crafted with sea salt and fresh lime, Electro-Lime has only 75 calories in a can, the company says.

“How do you ‘can’ sunshine? — that was the question that started it all,” says Ron Lindenbusch, Best Day Brewing’s Chief Innovation Officer. “Electro-Lime, our sunshine in a can, is a really special, citrusy brew featuring both fresh lime puree and Motueka hops, which themselves have a unique flavor and aroma of tropical limes. The dash of sea salt kicks up the flavor and character of this beer.”

Best Day Brewing prides itself on creating non-alcohol beers with the same taste profiles as their full-strength counterparts, it says. Best Day removes the alcohol from its beers through state-of-the-art proprietary technology where the beer never rises above the fermentation temperature, the company notes. The result is a beer that maintains a robust flavor profile and complexity, without the alcohol, it says.

Best Day Brewing joined the market in 2022 with three non-alcohol craft beers: Kölsch, Hazy IPA, and West Coast IPA. Electro-Lime is the brand’s inaugural brew to debut as part of its new seasonal program, which will showcase a new style for a limited time that captures the essence of the season.

Packaged in 12-ounce cans, Best Day Brewing’s Electro-Lime Cerca de Cerveza is available at select retailers including Whole Foods, BevMo, Target, Total Wine, and H.E.B. and nationwide online at the company’s website.