Narra announced the launch of its flagship line of Asian-inspired ready-to-drink, dairy-free, naturally caffeinated oat milk lattes with no artificial ingredients.

Inspired by merienda — the Filipino tradition of taking a midday break to sip, snack and recharge — the brand unveiled three culturally driven lattes for a midday pick-me-up: Roasted Oolong, Black Tea, and Strawberry Matcha.

“Merienda was something we looked forward to everyday, but became this dreaded midday slump as we became working professionals,” said Victoria Reyes, co-founder of Narra, in a statement. “We couldn’t find a perfectly balanced product that could get us through the day without having too much sugar or caffeine that comes with all the jitters. We hope to provide that joyous merienda feeling through our lattes, just like having that perfect midday escape to get you recharged and ready to finish the day strong while still getting you to bed on time.”

Setting themselves apart from the norm, Narra boldly embraces tea as the foundation of its innovative creations. Unlike traditional latte brands, Narra’s lattes are crafted without coffee, bringing a refreshing twist to the market and filling a much-needed gap, the company says.

“We built Narra because it’s important for us to celebrate our cultures and communities,” added Narra Co-founder Miggy Reyes. “Victoria and I always wondered: How come we’ve all grown up, but our favorite products didn’t? We created Narra in hopes that it could instill nostalgic joy for those who grew up with these flavors and inspire curiosity, conversation, and new cravings for those unfamiliar with them. This way everyone can celebrate the communities and cuisines these flavors represent.”

Narra Oat Milk Lattes are available to purchase online in 12-packs of individual flavors, as well as a variety pack by visiting the company’s website.