Fishers Island Lemonade debuted an elevated new look with a lifestyle aesthetic for each of its canned cocktails and transitioning into paperboard wrap for all four-packs and variety packs. 

For example, golf graphics can now be found on Fishers Half & Half ― replacing Fishers Spiked Tea with a new name ― that reflect its popularity on the golf course. Additionally, ocean wave imagery and beach elements complement the can and packaging graphics of new Blueberry Wave and Nude Peach flavors. 

Consistent with the rest of the portfolio, the original Fishers Island Lemonade recipe is the foundation for each new varietal: 

● Fishers Island Lemonade Blueberry Wave (7% ABV, $15.99 for a four-pack): A flavorsome blend of the original spiked lemonade and real blueberry. 

● Fishers Island Lemonade, Nude Peach (7% ABV, $15.99 for a four-pack): A peachy combination of the original spiked lemonade craft cocktail recipe and real peach. 

● Fishers Beach Variety 8-Pack ($27.99 per 8-pack): The new Fishers Island Lemonade Beach Pack includes four cans of Fishers Original, two cans of Fishers Blueberry Wave and two cans of Fishers Nude Peach. 

“Our fruit-forward flavors are made for summer and are clear winners for the next evolution in our family of lemonades,” said Fishers Island Lemonade Founder Bronya Shillo in a statement. “We have received a strong positive response to the initial rollout of Blueberry Wave and Nude Peach, and could not be more thrilled to start seeing them hit shelves. The quality of our ingredients continues to be a focus for us and we can’t wait to hear how consumers react to the delicious, full-flavor taste consumers have come to expect from Fishers.”

The recipe for the original Fishers Island Lemonade was inspired by the signature house cocktail, the “Fishers,” which was served at The Pequot Inn which Bronya’s family owned and operated on Fishers Island, New York. It was there that Bronya had the visionary idea to package the house cocktail and put it in a can, allowing fans to take the delicious and distinctly flavorful cocktail with them wherever they went, providing new convenience and portability for the beginnings of the ready to drink category. Earlier this year, Spirit of Gallo announced that they had acquired Fishers Island Lemonade into their portfolio, a natural next step in Fishers Island Lemonade’s growth as one of the leading contributors to the success of the ready-to-drink category.